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Lynley Telford
I always think of the other mother who nearly had her child abducted by this demonic duo the same day they murdered James .. imagine thinking that could've been my child .. Denise is just an amazing woman , she deserves so much
Comment from : Lynley Telford

Hunter Goldberg-elliott
How does one go on after something like this.. How hard it must be having to be strong and raise your other children while your world has fallen apart..
Comment from : Hunter Goldberg-elliott

Gillian Barker
Evil little bastards ...should never ever be free to walk the streets....no use to society or anyone....as is anyone who murders....locked up for ever ...or hang the fuckers high.....!
Comment from : Gillian Barker

Marianne Baskerville-Hilliard
God Bless 🙏
Comment from : Marianne Baskerville-Hilliard

1000instruments Girl
I don’t know how she was able to survive all of this.
Comment from : 1000instruments Girl

I know these bastards are roaming fee under new identification....I hope Karma gives them no rest nor mercy !
Comment from : D90Girl

Irmaj Garcia
I cannot understand a word she says..
Comment from : Irmaj Garcia

ishe nicole
These sick bastards knew exactly what they were doing at ten...
Comment from : ishe nicole

linda lee
she has my respect does denise.....she deserves some justice...
Comment from : linda lee

fessells ahmed
R.I.P. James Bulger. May he rest easy.
Comment from : fessells ahmed

Kath Carroll
It's a sickening thing to think that they are still out there enjoying their themselves and always have what about James and mother and James and the rest of the family what they went through
Comment from : Kath Carroll

Jackie Blue
4 minutes,that's how long it took for that Beautiful boy to leave with EVIL,God Bless this Family...
Comment from : Jackie Blue

There is no way at 10 they would of had a chance at rehabilitation in an adult prison, so a juvenile facility was definitely the best option. The type of treatment they received , is what I’m curious to know. I know they each were sent to different facilities and i wonder if that made a difference
Comment from : DJR

Susan Sherlock
.The difference between Denise and the McCann's is palpable..

Comment from : Susan Sherlock

Such a strong woman. So much respect
Comment from : L

Alice McIver
She's so brave and strong, if my son died and it was 22 years later I would still cry about it now, much respect to her and her family, God bless them, what a cute innocent boy James Bulgar was, RIP❤💔😭justice was not done
Comment from : Alice McIver

Sarah Andrews
I just feel so sorry for her, I wish more than anything that I could bring James back.
Comment from : Sarah Andrews

For me perhaps Should've basically kick Jack Straw right out of his office and his house, give him I dunno a tent. I'm not heartless, and put her in his job.
Comment from : SOUPRUN01

Debbie Murdoch
I remember every detail of this crime, I was 12 , it haunts me still , I have 4 children, my oldest son is 21 this year, my youngest son is 2 , roughly the same age James Buldger was , even when I was 12 I was horrified by this , those boys got away with torture , rape and slaughtering poor little James, I wish I could meet Denise , just to say I love and support you now , as much as I did at the time , she is one of the strongest woman in this country, I cannot express my sorrow and RESPECT I have for her , R I P JAMES , GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN, YOU ARE IN MY HEART FOREVER, SLEEP WITH THE ANGELS, GOD HAS YOU , FLY NOW , YOU BE REUNITED WITH YOUR MUMMY WHEN ITS HER TIME TO FLY . IN JESUS NAME AMEN 💖💖💖💖💖
Comment from : Debbie Murdoch

steven kenny
Such strength...
Comment from : steven kenny

What an incredible, strong lady. My heart aches for your loss. I am so glad you have found a way to be happy. I don't understand why society is put at risk to give these kind of abhorrent people the opportunity to reoffend. It's all about their rights. What about the rights of others to be safe? We see offenders set free and reoffend over and over. When are we going to learn and why aren't the families that create these monsters investigated and held to account if found guilty??? This world is a messed up place.
Comment from : Andrea

Gina Mascetti
Why wasn't the torture of animals publicized? Doctors know anyone who hurts animals will eventually kill another human.
Comment from : Gina Mascetti

VO Artist
R I P little man 😢
Comment from : VO Artist

Lyn Gravel
I absolutely love her! What an incredibly strong woman.
Comment from : Lyn Gravel

Denise was made out to be a celebrity as famous as Cilla Black and the Beatles because of this horrific crime.
Comment from : HJP1 HJP2

Amy Brown
The system will always protect the evil they will never protect our kids we have pedos all over we don’t no about then the idiots wonder “ how could we prevent this from happening “ 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ it’s a joke this family had no justice
Comment from : Amy Brown

Christine Brett
Denise is such a lovely lady. My heart goes out to her. I have written letters to her. She says she reads all her letters. Just felt I had to write ......
Comment from : Christine Brett

Danielle McGinty
she`s an inspiration xx
Comment from : Danielle McGinty

Noel McMahon
may James rest in peace
Comment from : Noel McMahon

Tool Box
Strong women
Comment from : Tool Box

SteVen Allan
Comment from : SteVen Allan

SteVen Allan
Comment from : SteVen Allan

SteVen Allan
Comment from : SteVen Allan

SteVen Allan
Thats a bit much because im james anyway and im not dead
Comment from : SteVen Allan

Courtney Taggart
Poor child. Those boy's are so sick bitch who agreed with me.
Comment from : Courtney Taggart

steven allan
Your not my mother.
Comment from : steven allan

carol Economides
This is so not right,our system is so not right.....
Comment from : carol Economides

The pain in her eyes always breaks my heart. She's an amazing lady and she must be made of steel because I know I wouldn't survive such an ordeal.
Comment from : Pennywise

michael payne
always in my thoughts and always in my heart you treasure James,and much respect and admiration for your parents Ralph and Denise .
Comment from : michael payne

Ms H
they shoulve been locked in adult prison for a few years... they will reoffend.. 😔
Comment from : Ms H

Irene Davo
Please watch video of The Roach Says re Venables! People think he should be castrated
Comment from : Irene Davo

Mike Manners
I am really sorry but I cannot understand anything these people are saying. Liverpool accents are beyond me. Can understand German better.
Comment from : Mike Manners

I don't know how she carried on. I'd want to be with my baby, she's incredibly strong to cope with this and I really wish she got the justice for James her and her family deserved.
Comment from : Pennywise

kim tran
Jon MONSTER demands plastic surgery for his new monster's face and if this horrible government spoils him as they always do I wish he will be killed by plastic surgeons.
Comment from : kim tran

jessie james
shes a fighter
Comment from : jessie james

michael payne
justice was never given to James Bulger ,and i feel for all the family of James .I cant understand ,and find it hard to get my head around the fact that those two were rehabilitated and rewarded . It is 100% wrong that they are allowed to exist as they do and James had his life ripped away in such a cruel way ,at only two years .I dont think the legal system done its duty regarding James and the British public should determine the fate of VENABLES AND THOMPSON
Comment from : michael payne

Belinda Farmery
My heart goes out to this lady and to James these evil little bastards need to be named and let us all have justice for her and james
Comment from : Belinda Farmery

Belinda Farmery
Please guys all sign the petition and get the names of these two or shall we wait for them to do it again
Comment from : Belinda Farmery

Ell schamusi
Mir tut das so dermaßen leid. Das ist die Hölle. Sowas kann man neimals verarbeiten. Diese beiden Monster hätten sie auf den Elektrischen Stuhl setzen müssen
Comment from : Ell schamusi

susan brown
Why does the British system, allow such a cushy life for thoses murderous scheming scum.
Comment from : susan brown

Gina Star
My heart bleeds for this Mother & so should everybody's. There is no justice Evil & Hate exists too much in society And I wish n pray that one day the system changes so that it delivers justice as it should. Instead of defending criminals n criminals having more rights then the victims it should be the other way round. Victims should be given priority & we as a society should be given safety💗🔒r.i.p angel boi James forever. Everyone only practice Love, Empathy, Compassion. Let's humans have humanity n set us free from the dark & Godless society to have light & Godly society💖Amen forever xoxo
Comment from : Gina Star

Richard Spritz
Venables and Thompson should of been on the firing line, bullet in the head, even though they're 10 years old. They didn't just kill poor little James, they raped and tortured him.
Comment from : Richard Spritz

Jon Venables is now going by the name of LUKE TAYLOR (the government will soon change that) there are pictures of him up to date on google/Facebook..
Comment from : bradd123

We need to find the 2 that did it! Tie them up and make them feel what they made that little boy felt! Sick bastards! One of them was recently put back inside after be found with child pornography but nooooo fuck it let them out on the streets!! Fucking corrupt country 😑
Comment from : K GEE

darren oflaherty
I wonder how she would feel if she knew they built a prison just for those two scum in BLACKPOOL,,,, and closed it when they were 21,it only ever housed the 2scum
Comment from : darren oflaherty

Jim DeBlitzz
I never thought I would hear Michael Jackson's name 11 times in a James Bulger documentary
Comment from : Jim DeBlitzz

Craig Copeland
R.I.P 🐝 🌹James🌹🐝
Comment from : Craig Copeland

First Name
Those two evil monsters will both go straight to HELL when their time is up.
Comment from : First Name

Le Val

There. You’re welcome.

Comment from : Le Val

Tce Haus
God bless that lady, i could never imagine the pain they suffer.
Comment from : Tce Haus

Texas Tea
Can't even imagine what it was like when she received the news his body had been found😕
Comment from : Texas Tea

Professor Fez
It's time to publicly name and shame the police officers who are protecting these two
Comment from : Professor Fez

Tom Daly
I heard in a news story she won't let one of her sons who's like in his 20s have a social life! I PITY him he's gonna be socially awkward cuz of her can't the bitch let go and move on
Comment from : Tom Daly

Christine Fougere
She's very brave...rest in peace James.
Comment from : Christine Fougere

Barry Heslop
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Comment from : Barry Heslop

george connollylegend
Whats the point of courtrooms close them and open up as bookies or chip shops "JUSTICE FOR JAMES" x
Comment from : george connollylegend

george connollylegend
Look out for hometown stans vile evil poisoned troll comments hometown stan sounds like a shit 10th division fitba team you wanker JUSTICE FOR JAMES BULGER R.I.P. LITTLE ANGEL x
Comment from : george connollylegend

Shahi M
Who killed this little angel in this horrific way have to be killed PERIOD. It's against common sense and instinct and every law of nature to keep these two devils alive for all these years !!!!! So what if they were kids when they did it ?! Even a wild animal is not capable of committing what these 'kids' did .

RIP my darling angel.

Comment from : Shahi M

Joanne Cowan
Justice system in this country is disgusting
Comment from : Joanne Cowan

The fact Demise can say she doesn't want them locked up forever after what they did to her son shows enormous courage. All she wanted for them is to do a couple years in a man's jail and she would have classed it as justice. Still for me it's injustice but for her of all people to say that tells me she has forgiveness in her heart and a big heart at that - God bless you
Comment from : WARREN RIMMER

Noel Gallagher
You have been so let down by the British justice system, I can't imagine what was on your mind when you found out them two wild animals were getting out with a new identity, and then takes the PISS again and gets arrested twice on child images wtf is going on its so simple Venables is messed in the head he needs to be kept in prison and really assessed by a main GP and keep this animal in a cage were he belongs.
Comment from : Noel Gallagher

Sunny Norwood
It's still painful because justice wasn't served. Their system didn't work.
Comment from : Sunny Norwood

Kitten xx
Very emotional to hear about the tug on the night dress.. how lovely. James giving his love to his mother from the other side. angel James, rest in peace.. x x
Comment from : Kitten xx

TfgN_ Guard Demon
So sad
Comment from : TfgN_ Guard Demon

Edward Nelson
Didn't understand a word she said. Subtitles for Liverpudian Accents, please!
Comment from : Edward Nelson

Henry Tudor
Thompson and venables should never have been released they are pure evil
Comment from : Henry Tudor

Blake Steele
God bless Denise. I bet Michael Jackson sought after James in Heaven. R.I.P
Comment from : Blake Steele

9 dislikers need to get their fucking teeth kicked in.
Comment from : WOR

Janette Henderson
My god! Denies! Is so brave! What! Strong! Women! I would gone! In conner! And died ! With lose my child ! It must be like you have your heart missing because your children were one in your body! I was pregnant! When she lost James! In memory! Off James! May son was called James! Because! I so effect! So saded bye ! His death! Its always in my mind!
Comment from : Janette Henderson

Unfortunately in this country however bad a crime is,whatever it is,the law states that it is a crime against society, the people in general.Its like not caring about how bad a crime is,the law still sees it as a crime against the people.But all get punished in certain ways,detainment,fines,suspended sentences,immediate prison sentences,duration, judging by the law stating what crime it is and how serious it is.I personally think like most people that crimes committed should be punished as a crime against the person it has happened to or persons affected by the crime.Like this one.
Comment from : BestCanKeanRob2

sound bite
Denis Fergus is correct. The danger is that they could be with anyone's child. If someone got pregnant with either of these then they deserve to know. Its a rational fear. The public need to know who they are now.
Comment from : sound bite

Helen Fox
There's a deep sadness in her voice that will never go away 🙁
Comment from : Helen Fox

Seira 14/07/2005
Btw f*** you jon peadables!#dumbNonce
Comment from : Seira 14/07/2005

Seira 14/07/2005
This happened 12 years before I was born and I know about it since I was 5, it stayed with me,sad story,rip Jamesx
Comment from : Seira 14/07/2005

Hayley Mackenzie
These murderers should have been given the death penalty!
Comment from : Hayley Mackenzie

did she say he never walked at 0:03? i cant understand her
Comment from : popsingerstar

Those little monsters who did this!
Comment from : ChessArmyCommander

I was taken by two older boys when I was about 5, thankfully I just beaten and abandoned but I always remember the unsettling feeling of being lead away from safety but being too afraid to scream out or run. Similarly one of the boys was just oddly bad while the other was easily lead. I couldn't really blame the parents because from what I remember they weren't any worse than other parents in the area even my own.
Comment from : BagofDreams

Netty Annette
As much as I am going to hate telling the public the truth about these two boys, but if we want to get anywhere become educated and aware of these type of children. I hope this gets to James mother, the police and all these child experts. When I was very little I remember asking my neighbour who just had a new baby, if I stuck a pin in her would she cry? I was born like this. My first day at school I pinched a girl to see what she would do. I hurt animals, especially if I was with other children like that. I have asked myself WHY? When I think back, it was the reaction of something that I didnt know or to see what it would do. I dont really know why. I was caught when been cruel to an animal. so recovery for me started early. I think a parent should understand if they see signs of thier kids been cruel or who just want to hurt other kids MUST be seen to straight away. A child should love a cute little kitten or bunny rabbit. Anyone who needs help with a child who has a nasty streak can be helped to bring out the love and care in that child. Im going to share with the world how I changed to the point, I dont even tread on an ant these days. YES< CHILDREN ARE BORN THIS WAY.
Comment from : Netty Annette

The Misanthrope Channel
Normal ten year olds are NOT angels. Especially boys. They were bored, they got into mischief, they took it too far, but this world is not Disneyland, so don't put anything past a child over 7 years old. They can be c+nts when left on their own.
Comment from : The Misanthrope Channel

Minas Tirith
its heartbreaking..." i still got his jumper, his toys..."i absolutely can NOT understand what was going on inside venable and the other boy..what makes a child kill a child?
for years i try to imagine how much pain james must have felt while that horror moved on...didnt they get touched by his tears? his crying? his pain? its absolutely NOT imaginable how cold-blooded they were...i hope one day these scumbags will rot in hell...if i were james mother i would love to lit the fire by myself!
gosh...my heart is wrenched just by thinking about it...how james mother must feel after all these years, living with that nightmare day by day?

Comment from : Minas Tirith

Keep up your good work Denise. You've never given up the good fight for other children. You've never sought fortune nor fame, just justice for all children. Denise there is a special place that GOD has waiting for you. God bless you, dear.
Comment from : bass13mary

Every time I see this lady or a clip of her little one on tv I could honestly cry for them . This case is quite easily the most horrific we'll see in our lifetimes.
Comment from : asa

chaima aouali
God bless you Denise Fergus
Comment from : chaima aouali

James was found 14th 2015 according to the caption
Comment from : Theaxdoraa

Adult prison for life.
Comment from : Rex

Denise was made to be a celebrity as famous as Cilla Black and the Beatles for all the wrong reasons because of this shocking crime.
Comment from : HJP1 HJP2

Caravan park? Fitting.
Comment from : GoteeDevotee

Rose In the Garden
poor baby
Comment from : Rose In the Garden

Jfifkcjckc Szldked
denise you are a very caring person that comes across strong. not like some who dont care for there kids. i can still see the pain in your eyes wish your family all the best
Comment from : Jfifkcjckc Szldked

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