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1000instruments Girl
She will never forgive you. Do you want it to be forgiven so you can rest in peace? Hell no.
Comment from : 1000instruments Girl

pytha gore
Send him to psychiatric hospital, he'll become a zombie.
Comment from : pytha gore

Stephanie G.
Just sentence him death already! 😠
Comment from : Stephanie G.

Gina Mascetti
Why the hell is Venables so protected?! What about poor James and how he was brutally murdered at the hands of Venables?!! Come on England....get your sh#t together and either euthanize Venables or lock him up forever. Thompson and Venables should of been given the death penalty years ago!!
Comment from : Gina Mascetti

Jake Dean
The two killers should've gotten life in prison. They were old enough to know what they did was wrong and so they must be really sick in the head and thus unfit for our free society.
Comment from : Jake Dean

Sxmeeha Rxhmxn
I didn’t care that they were only kids when it happened they should have rotter in hell from the start evil little bastards
Comment from : Sxmeeha Rxhmxn

Misses Robot
I have to say, Venebles parents need investigating. No excuses for Venables, at all, but a child sexually assaulting another child and murdering him... premeditated too. What was going on with him in his life? There is no way he should have been freed, in America he wouldn't have been. He clearly has psychological issues. He should have been in some sort of therapeutic prison. The UK justice system is a joke.
Comment from : Misses Robot

Doogie Carpit Burger
Venables is on borrowed time.
Comment from : Doogie Carpit Burger

Venables and Thompson should be strapped down and killed the way they killed that toddler and then throw THEM on the railway. If we had a vote I'd vote to kill these bastards
Comment from : T0xic

Super Mann 3
Come on British Justice, what is wrong with you? It’s understandable to want to try to rehabilitate young offenders but their initial sentence wasn’t long enough for treatment imo.Now Venables is caught with child pornography.There should be no easy outs here, his previous record says everything about him now.....untreatable in my mind.Throw away the key on this guy.
Comment from : Super Mann 3

Salam Kala
James county government people and society failed to serve baby James and his family justice
Comment from : Salam Kala

Puspa Allamanda
why don't they give that monster a capital punishment?!!
Comment from : Puspa Allamanda

Annette Melnychuk
If he did what he did in the states he would be sentenced to serious time in an adult facility. There are children in the states whom are are as young as 10 years old doing maximum sentences in adult facilities for crimes that he and the other kid did to little James
Comment from : Annette Melnychuk

SteVen Allan
Comment from : SteVen Allan

Ibrar I Rar
Sorry I forgot to mention hes 1 evil dangerous basted they should expose his identity or put him in broaodmoor for life how can person like that get such light sentance the 2nd time the system is not fair
Comment from : Ibrar I Rar

Ibrar I Rar
Will never forget little james may god give u strength amd his dad this was most shocking crime has to be they should name them bcos he hasn't kept his head down he must think hes untouchable its mad the way the system works I dont get it they make things worse I got girl at 9 amd boy at 3 and it always reminds me i always mention it at hme to parents and wife our prays always
Comment from : Ibrar I Rar

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